Saturday, 6 February 2016

Summer Lovin' Down Under

It's been hot in Australia. Although, not unusually so.
People say that when someone brings up the weather a conversation falls into a deep hole of awkwardness that is ever so difficult to climb out of, and that whatever relationship you had with this person should be aborted immediately because you are clearly incapable of sharing interesting thoughts and expression with each other.
However, me bringing up the weather here is not a means to conjure a deafening silence, but rather to paint an image of summer in Australia. Foreign to most of the world, we are welcomed by a somewhat gentle warmth from mid November to February. Although this 'warmth' more than often is closer to a sweltering heat, summer never fails to make me smile.
Ok yes, not having school or university until the end of this month has caused a lot of my summer to be filled with disgusting hangovers, but when i'm not making poor alcohol fuelled decisions I have allowed summer to kiss me on the cheek so I could appreciate the beauty it brings. Differing from my 'summer' last year that was mostly spent in a cold French climate this summer brings new opportunities and adventures that can really only be enjoyed in sweltering heat.

So here's six totally random things to make the summer heat a little more bearable  -

1. Buy a blowup pool
The best $49.95 I have ever spent. Thanks Big W, you have kept me cool (and sunburnt) this summer.

2. Go away to a beachy town for a few days 
My Dad and I went to Goolwa, a little town about an hour outside of Adelaide where we ate fish and chips on the beach, went for early morning walks and hikes along the Heysen trail.

4. Check out your local art gallery
This is a really great way to escape the scorching heat. So before you pass out, head into this cool air-conditioned space and get in touch with the beautiful works of art around you. 

5. Eat outside 
There is nothing I love more than chilling outside with friends when the day's heat is slowly disappearing. Here my Gal Pal and I made a delicious wagu pasta and garlic bread to eat outside on perfect 28 degree night while drinking white wine and champagne like the classy 'adults' we are.

6. Don't eat it, Juice it!
On a hot 36 degree day homemade juice has the power to make everything better. Invite friends over and have a juicing day! If that sounds too boring for you, add vodka and turn it into a night party where you're summer lovin' with a fab group of friends.

Here we are drinking a mix of all the fruits I had in my fridge - watermelon, pineapple, apple and orange.
We also added a decent amount of soda water to cool it down instantly and make the fruity flavours a bit more interesting.

Don't lock yourself away during the summer like I have done many times. Get out there, see friends, be happy!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Stepping away from Neverland

It's time to grow up.

Judging by my lack of posts, the act of having to deal with my final year of high school caused me to neglect this blog that I created back in December last year as a means to connect with any form of the English language while on exchange in France. 
I had the intention to continue writing throughout the year, but the perils of year twelve presented my life with perpetuated stresses of major assignments and an unhealthy dependence on instant coffee. 
I commend my friend Jenny for being able to continue with her gorgeous blog, which funnily enough inspired me to pick up my pen (metaphorically obviously because I'm writing on a computer), and let my thoughts flow on this wonderful summers afternoon. 

Peter Pan was my favourite fairy tale when I was younger, and because of this I was never a fan of growing up, expect for when I was seven and refused to be called "little". This refusal didn't last long when my severely bellow average height made it impossible for anyone to put my name and big in the same sentence.

However, despite still wishing to venture into the magical world of Neverland, there is sense of excitement brewing inside me when I think about the future. Finishing school has sent me into this weird limbo of peace and anxiety because although I have no real responsibilities there is this terrible thrill when thinking about my inevitable future. A thrill that is removing me from my childhood ways and sending me into the giant world of university and responsibilities (yuck). 


I now have the opportunity to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life, and for the first time ever it's all up to me. 

I could be an astronaut - well not really because I have no interest or ability in science, but the point is that I could if I really wanted to. 

Instead, Arts (and maybe law) is what I plan to do, and I don't care if people look down on me. This is the first real adult decision I have ever made and I intend to succeed. So, to all those people who believe myself and the rest of my history class will end up with no future, I say in the friendliest of way with an aggressive full stop, "It's my fucking life."

Forgive me, but to end this much overdue blog post I am going to quote the typical, yet gorgeously poetic William Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage."
Although this stage may contain some dark trapdoors, I already know it will shine many spotlights along the way as my reward for taking real responsibility of my life's twisted journey. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The words of another... | twenty fifteen

I predict that this year will be the best year of my life, but also the worst.
The worst because it's my final year of schooling and although everyone says life goes on no matter your grades, I have this loud voice in my head that's telling me if I don't do well this year, my whole life will be over. There's also the need to impress my parents and not seem like a drop kick who "only received 70" in front of my stupidly smart friends.

Expect to find a very stressed girl ugly crying in her bedroom.

In saying all this, I am hoping that the exciting things to come will overrule all the negatives to make the year of the goat my best so far. Let's start with the fact that I was able to say 'Bonjour' to 2015 in an amazing country while experiencing something challenging but also incredibly rewarding.
"Happy 18th Birthday Ruby", is what people will say to me in exactly 80 days.
"Excuse me, can please drink all the alcoholic beverages you have to offer", is what i'll then say without hesitating to hand over my ID.
Hello adulthood!

To ensure that these positives remain positive, I am turning to the following quotes for guidance. I suggest you get incredibly cheesy with me, and do the same.

Although I don't plan on sitting back and smoking Camel Straights, I too enjoy taking pleasure in the details. Unfortunately, I sometimes move too fast and forget to appreciate the simple things around me. So, this year i'll listen to my favourite fictional and sloppy haired guitar player, and ride life in my own way.

The words of JK. Rowling defined my childhood and have remained relevant in my teenage years, and will for the rest of my life. Harry Potter has always taught me that love and friendship is the most powerful weapon anyone can possess.
I will be sure not to forget the things that really matter in life when i receive a grade a little lower than my expectations in the year to come. 

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby was a film that made me think and question life, love and all things human for a long time after viewing. Without giving too much away, In the film, Eleanor is given a piece of advice from Professor Lillian Friedman. Eleanor can choose to give up and walkaway from the hard times, but she would then be in risk of entering an unsatisfying routine. I am someone who tends to give up when things get tough, and then always come to regret this decision. This year I plan on putting a stop to this terrible habit. 

Sometimes the whole lyric isn't needed.
Let's see how long I can follow Ball Park Music's wise words...

It's your world, do what you want with it.


2015, the year of  doing things that we want to and will make us happy. 

Also the year of speaking out instead of letting it bottle up inside. 

Charles Xavier with hair is my favourite kind of Charles Xavier, mostly because he's played by James Mcavoy, who I love, but also because he says some very wise words that could be used in this years foreseeable bitchy school girl arguments. Over the years I have witnessed friendships fall apart during the final years of school because people say hurtful things that they don't actually mean or get too stressed or too drunk at that party. I don't want this to happen... Don't ruin a friendship by not letting go. 

In other words, don't get caught up in the bad, keep going and good things will come. 

A film that spoke out to everyone who is or ever a teenager. Let life happen and get carried away in the good times. 

And the cheesiest of them all...

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Do you want to go to the seaside?

A few days ago I was asked by my lovely french host family if I wanted to dwell away from the little village they live in and explore the much larger, and seaside town of Marseille.

There was no hesitation in answering,  "Yes, I would like to go to the seaside" as my love for a seaside town first developed when hearing the Kooks' song, Seaside, played live in a crowded and sticky floored theatre almost two years ago. I chanted the lyrics, "Do you want to go to the seaside?", at the top of my voice, transforming it's original peaceful melody into a gigantic roar. In this moment I decided that it was my wish to turn what are probably meaningless lyrics into my own reality, and visit as many seaside towns as possible, and maybe one day say that I "fell in love at the seaside".

On the contrary to many popular views, I thought Marseille was far from the 'dirty, dirty' town people have described. Everywhere you looked there were people bursting with life and energy, shabby chic buildings that perfectly complimented the sea air, and wonderfully bizarre art installations.

It has definitely been added to my extensive list of places to voyage back to one day.


Ruby x

Seasides experienced so far, 
(click here for the best seaside scrolling music ever)

Sunday, 28 December 2014

I seem to have wandered far from home...

I am currently sitting on my temporary comfy bed in my knitted jumper and thermals that were thrown into my suitcase by my mother with stern words of, "you better wear these" while pondering the foreign things I have seen and done away from the comfort of Australia. My lone venture across the globe has brought me to a sweet house in a little town called Blauzac in the south of France, where I am staying with an extremely generous and very french family (my host dad actually wears a beret!) in attempt to better my french before starting my final year of school.  
Unfortunately, my french has not quite kicked in yet with oui and non being the most I can confidently say on a daily basis. However, it is only early days so hopefully those four years of French lessons will crawl out of the dusty crevices inside my brain and transform into a harmonious conversation bientot. 

Despite not being able to properly communicate and  having to vigorously nod or shake my head when spoken to, I was able to understand "le dimanche, nous irons à Avignon."  Having heard about the wonders Avignon holds from my french teacher and parents silent screams of excitement and anticipation were the result of hearing the above phrase. 

The perfectly scattered houses and old cobbled roads of the beautiful historic city did not disappoint as I stood in awe and analysed every detail within sight.

The twinkling lights on the carousel marked the beginning of a festive market that oozed Christmas joy and reeked of cinnamon and roasting chestnuts - far from the strong scent of Sunscreen depicting a typical Australian Christmas. 
Vast differences between this lovely french town and my home in Australia were evident throughout. In the medieval old castles that told stories form the 14th century, the festive decorations pictured all over the town (oz you really need to get some better xmas decorations), the cute little boutiques that sold gorgeous Provencal clothes ... Do I need to go on?!

Don't get me wrong, I love Australia but exploring Avignon has opened my eyes to the grand beauty one small town can hold. 

Vive la France!